Our Services:
Development and manufacturing of HPGe detectors
Production of integrated detector systems using the stirling cooling system
Repairing and maintenance of all kind of semiconductors
Modification and converting of LN2- or electrically cooled HPGe detectors
  of any kind to Stirling cooling systems
Advice trough Central Research and Development
Sales including field service operated trough the Head Office Karlsruhe or the
  Regional Technical Offices
Therefore: The Stirling cooled Highpurity Germanium-Detectorsystem SCE-DBS-P-3021
Small dimensions
Low weight
Low energy consumption
Suitable for both mains and battery operations
No problems with mobil and stationary use
Extremely low working noise and low microphony
Excellent energy resolution using HPGe detectors at working temperatures
Cooling adjustable covering wide working temperature ranges of the detectors
Standardised ambient temperature range for appropriate working conditions
Low servicing costs
Several years of operations maintenance-free
Freezing modus of Stirling system necessary only for radiation measurement
  otherwise stand by at ambient temperatures